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Newest Single - Ready To Go

Prod. by Jus Gamble

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The SelfMade Cypher Vol. 1

Produced by Jus Gamble

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    Jus Gamble Finishes Top 2 in The Stew Beat Showcase

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    Check out this clip from the 2nd round of The Stew Beat Showcase, where Jus Gamble was a featured panelist and placed 2nd to qualify himself for the Series finale in December at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, MA!

    Gamble On Tuesday Beats / Gamble Royale (Promo)

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    Gamble On Tuesday Beats, Back Next Tuesday!

    Jus Gamble back again to re-introduce his #GOTB series “Gamble on Tuesday Beats”, talk about recent work & his upcoming project “Gamble Royale”.

    REP (Prod. Jus Gamble) Official Video!!

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    REP (Produced by Jus Gamble)

    Class B

    Feat. Chris Rivers

    Class B & Jus Gamble come together for another collaboration, this time featuring the legendary Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers to create the record REP. On this record, Jus Gamble brings his boom-bap expertise into play, in order to make the classic sounding instrumental that Class B & Chris Rivers end up destroying!

    Check out the Official Music Video Out Now on YoutTube as well as on Class B’s newest EP, “Crazy8”!

    Article on Jus Gamble’s “Ready To Go” by SoundChips

    By Jus Gamble on Jan 26, 2016 in Uncategorized - 0 Comments

    On Monday, January 14, 2016, Soundchips.Co wrote their third great review on a Jus Gamble instrumental/track. This time on the record called, “Ready To Go” featuring Dave Wonderz & A1. Link to the full article below..

    SoundChips.Co – Ready To Go – Review

    The first thing that stands out on “Ready to Go” is without a doubt Jus Gamble’s signature movements that swirl and feel like a fuzzy dream world. What’s different from previous tracks we’ve covered though is his beats, as good as they are, only set the stage rather than serve as the main focus.

    Dave Wonderz and A1 trade verses on “Ready to Go,” the type of track that hovers above pumping you up and sending you jolts every time the track spins back. The first verse is like watching backstage footage of an up-and-coming fighter getting motivated, knowing there are bigger goals in sight, and working to silence doubters.

    Once the second verse hits, there’s an attitude of kuyashii where the focus lies in proving others wrong as much as it does in succeeding for the sake of succeeding. A smoothness that is reminiscent of mid-90s R&B infused rap flows through until the end, and you just ride it all out waiting for what’s next.


    SoundChips.Co – Ready To Go – Instagram Review

    #GOTB Week 50! Ready To Go (Prod. Jus Gamble)

    By Jus Gamble on Jan 06, 2016 in Uncategorized - 0 Comments

    Ready To Go – Dave Wonderz & A1 (Prod. Jus Gamble)

    To celebrate the 50th Week of Gamble On Tuesday Beats.. Jus Gamble, Dave Wonderz & A1 released a brand new record for the occasion. The track features the 3 Boston artists, starting with singer/rapper Dave Wonderz, alongside the two SelfMade Designs’ affiliates, rapper A1 & producer/engineer Jus Gamble. The three come together to bring you the inspirational track, “Ready To Go”. The record pulls you in immediately with a spacey foundation brought to you by Jus Gamble, which is then layered by an uplifting, melodic hook performed by Dave Wonderz. As the track moves on you are introduced to two personal, yet impactful verses brought to you by A1 & Wonderz. Together they show you just how ready they are through their dialogue.. Touching on breaking the barriers of doubters, moving forward through the hate, and shaming the two-faced people we’ve all come across as creators, that attempt to provide us with false support in person, while attempting to bring us down behind closed doors. The track ends with an enchanting, almost acapella type feel where the listeners get a front row seat to enjoy the musical talents of singer Dave Wonderz, as he outros a tuneful, harmonious solo. Leading into the end of the track where the group decides to add in a rare personal touch, that gives listeners the feeling that they were actually in the room creating the record with these artists. The group here clearly trying to build a track that fans & listeners can not only just enjoy, but truly feel engaged with. Not ones to believe in the limits set by those doubting their talents, these 3 are striving to show Boston & the world that they are “Ready To Go”.

    The SelfMade Cypher Vol. 1

    By Jus Gamble on Dec 03, 2015 in Uncategorized - 0 Comments

    The 1st Official SelfMade Designs Cypher has dropped! Shot right at the SelfMade Designs Head Quarters, this cypher was Produced & Engineered entirely by Jus Gamble alongside 3 SelfMade Designs Rappers – Koma The Kid, A1 & Tosh – as well as Boston rapper Paranom. Live now on the SelfMade Designs YouTube Page!! (Filmed/Video Edited by Alex Fort Photography)

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