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Underdog Arrogance .. Out Now Everywhere!!

“Underdog Arrogance” Jus Gamble Out Everywhere Now! Enjoy as Jus Gamble brings you his 2nd official project, “Underdog Arrogance”. Available on all streaming platforms today! Click Here to Play Now!

NEW SINGLE! “Often” out everywhere!

“Often” Jus Gamble Featuring Nicks Out Everywhere Now! Often is Jus Gamble’s 2nd official release off of his upcoming EP, “Underdog Arrogance”, which is set to drop Summer 2018! Enjoy this second track and it’s slow jam, chill vibe it delivers. More to come soon! Click Here to Play Now!

Exclusive “Jus Gamble” Release on SoulBounce!

“Often“ Jus Gamble Featuring Nicks The 2nd official release off of Jus Gamble’s upcoming EP, “Underdog Arrogance”, has dropped 1 day early exclusively on SoulBounce! Head there now to enjoy this smooth slow jam, along with the chill vibe it delivers. More to come soon! SoulBounce Exclusive: Producer Jus Gamble & Nicks Explore The Complexities […]

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Music Production

Will work with you to create an original instrumental exclusively for you or your artist. This will require persistent communication from both parties in order to ensure focus and accuracy for the beat that is being created to your liking.


Need a DJ for a Party? Show? Event? Wedding?

Jus Gamble is a talented DJ at your disposal just an email away from booking!

Mix/Recording Engineer

Jus Gamble works out of 2 different studios..

1. The MixLoft in Quincy, MA
2. 3 Stripe Studios in Leominster, MA

Whether you need a studio to record at or you have a Pro Tools session/Stems/Track Outs, that you are able to send over.. We will make sure that your track gets the true attention it deserves.

Mixtape Hosting

Need a host for your latest Mixtape or Project? Let Jus Gamble add that excitement you need in order to bring your piece of art to life!

Mastering Engineer

Jus Gamble works out of 2 different studios..

1. The MixLoft in Quincy, MA
2. 3 Stripe Studios in Leominster, MA

Whether you are looking to have a single, an EP, an album or anything else mastered professionally.. We are available to make sure that your product is being mastered professionally. With high-end gear, studios and more at his disposal, let Jus Gamble be the one to put those clean finishing touches on your track(s) before sending them off to iTunes, Spotify, Sound Cloud or wherever you plan on releasing your music.

Testimonials / Press

SoulBounce Exclusive: Producer Jus Gamble & Nicks Explore The Complexities Of A Relationship On ‘Often’

We have Facebook to mostly thank for bringing the words “it’s complicated” to the forefront to describe a relationship. Those two words say so much and so little at the same time and raise more questions than they provide answers, but, honestly, sometimes relationships aren’t easily put into a box. With this in mind, producer Jus Gamble and singer Nicks deliver “Often,” described as “a song inspired by the best and worst of times that any complicated relationship goes through.”

The second single from Jus Gamble’s upcoming EP Underdog Arrogance features vocals from Nicks delivered in a trap soul style. The Massachusetts born and bred producer and audio engineer provides a vibey, bass-heavy sound bed for Nicks to sing to his sometimes bae. From the sounds of it, she’s got another man, and Nicks is her side d**k. “You know we shouldn’t do this often,” Nicks sings on the chorus, but that’s not stopping them from getting it in whenever and wherever they can. In this new age of scandalous relationships, this song is relatable and something to kick back to and enjoy with your side piece.

Jus Gamble’s “Often” will hit digital music and streaming services tomorrow, but you can enjoy your first listen of the single with this SoulBounce exclusive world premiere right here. His EP Underdog Arrogance will drop at the end of June and showcase the diversity of his influences and genres that he is versed in. “I consider the entire piece of art a true depiction of the music made from my soul,” Gamble says of the project. Look out for Underdog Arrogance in the coming weeks and stay up on Jus Gamble on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

SoulBounce – Exclusive Release

Thank you so much again for being here last night and for providing the perfect soundtrack to our summer party. Everyone I talked to loved the music—it was just right! I hope it was fun for you and that your photographer got some good action shots.

Hope to have you play at future events…!

Boston Society of Architects BSA

Jus Gamble, is a very musically talented music producer and creative artist from Boston Massachusetts who is striving to be one of the legendary great producers such as DJ Premier, J-Dilla and Dr. Dre. He always showed a love and passion for music, first starting out playing musical instruments when he was a young kid and followed in the footsteps of his uncle with the music as he was heavy into the music scene as well. Today he presents one of his newest single releases, track entitled “Is They?!” featuring the artist Class B. The track “Is They?!” is a portrayal of how versatile Jus Gamble can not only be as an artist but a music producer as well. Him and Class B truly make it the classic that it is and Jus a Gamble proves himself to be one of the best and most prominent music producers coming out of Boston. Get familiar with the super producer Jus Gamble if you ain’t already and check out more of his music below along with following him on his social media links located underneath that for up to date music news and info on music producer Jus Gamble of Boston, Mass. Thank you and enjoy fam.

ThisIs50 ThisIs50.Com

Jus Gamble is the type of artist who you can tell has that certain “it” to him. His energy to create is infectious. His attention to detail is something that would benefit a lot of young artists in the industry. And his appreciation for working with local talent is deeply admirable.

The Boston-based producer recently released his debut album Gamble Royale, which is full of Gamble’s signature precision and a healthy dose of local collaborations (listen in full below). You’ll find him toying with different sounds than maybe you’re familiar with from him, and you can tell this is an exhibition in appreciating the art while pushing himself as much as he can.

We had been looking to speak with him for a while, and when he gave us the notice that his album had dropped, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to get to know him better. Through our discourse we found out he had some unique musical influences growing up based on his geography, the importance of artists in a politically shaky environment, and what keeps him going.

Soundchips – Interview SoundChips.Co

Music Producer Jus Gamble (Justice Gamble) resides in Boston, MA, and mainly directs his musical talents on the Hip Hop/Rap and R&B genres. He is currently working with a plethora of Boston/Massachusetts Artists, as well as a select few scattered throughout the country. Having a heavy background in Old School Hip Hop and Jazz, Gamble’s Hip Hop beats/instrumentals are full of bounce and energy, mostly relating to the “boom bap” style.

The Overview

Gamble Royale is a compilation album produced entirely by Jus Gamble and features a diverse collection of artists that he hand-selected to tackle the many themes explored throughout the project. The project opens up with a literal wake-up call for the listeners encouraging them to quit dreaming and pursue their passions. Featuring that classic sample sound from the golden era, executed in a contemporary manner, he’s giving you something that’s both reminiscent and new. This project will appeal to anyone who loves Hip Hop. And when we say Hip Hop, we are talking about the culture. Jus Gamble stays very true to the essence of it. The formula is displayed all though-out the project.

Boom Bap + Samples + Lyricism = Dope

The way he chops samples and flips them is an example of mastery in one’s craft. There’s nothing new under the sun… Hip Hop never really invented anything… It re-created EVERYTHING. That’s what Gamble does as a Beat Maker track by track all throughout Gable Royale. The lyricist and vocalist featured on this project serve as testimony to his ear. It is not to be questioned. He could produce albums for any of the artists featured on this project and make classics. Jus Gamble knows who he’s catering to. To us, this is extremely important. In today’s environment, the vast majority of artist and producers are so busy trying to appeal to everything that they end up with a bunch of nothing. Jus Gamble has a definitive audience and he never waivers for a second. He masterfully articulates HIS take on this thing we call Hip Hop and never apologizes for it. (mic drops)

Resistance Ink ResistanceInk.Com

The first thing that stands out on “Ready to Go” is without a doubt Jus Gamble’s signature movements that swirl and feel like a fuzzy dream world. What’s different from previous tracks we’ve covered though is his beats, as good as they are, only set the stage rather than serve as the main focus.

Dave Wonderz and A1 trade verses on “Ready to Go,” the type of track that hovers above pumping you up and sending you jolts every time the track spins back. The first verse is like watching backstage footage of an up-and-coming fighter getting motivated, knowing there are bigger goals in sight, and working to silence doubters.

Once the second verse hits, there’s an attitude of kuyashii where the focus lies in proving others wrong as much as it does in succeeding for the sake of succeeding. A smoothness that is reminiscent of mid-90s R&B infused rap flows through until the end, and you just ride it all out waiting for what’s next.

Soundchips SoundChips.Co

About a month or so ago we covered Jus Gamble’s “Wherever We Go,” so I knew I had to run the producer down to see what newness he had delivered. As it turns out, there were four new pieces since the last time we were introduced to him. At first I thought I would go down the dark corridors of “Cake On the Sidewalk,” but then I heard the refreshing funk of “Throw It Up.” I thought I was set, but then his latest work, “Want To Be” fired up.

The track is mired in deepness – velvety in its texture, introspective in its shadowiness. Ghosts of old school underground music clubs watch over the track from a distance as smoke fills the slow burning nature of “Want To Be.” It has that classic reverberated slide guitar blues realm to it that’s matched with a subtle piano giving the track a higher spirit. Given the mellow environ of what Gamble has on display, the track is that first long sip at the end of the day, or it’s the alarm clock after a short night spent awake for too many reasons.

It seems like Gamble is producing at a steadier clip now. We’re hoping his current pace is a sign of things to come, especially given how each track seems to climb a little ahead of its predecessor – quite the statement I know, but he seems like he’s in the zone right now.

SoundChips SoundChips.Co

For better or worse, we usually don’t cover too many instrumental/vocal-less tracks on here. Maybe we just haven’t been looking hard enough. Or maybe we were just lazy. So when I heard Jus Gamble’s “Wherever We Go,” I about jumped out of my chair. This track is simply hot. It’s so fire that it could melt gold, but it’s cool enough to solidify the stuff right back again. You can hear his varied musical upbringing in what he creates, and this track is no exception.

Something about the track screams RZA with more toned down funk and neo-soul to create a gritty, bare-to-the bone cypher beat (if you’re unfamiliar, just think about most NYC borough hip-hop acts from the early 90s that you’re familiar with). While the main units are looping and re-tracing their footsteps, Gamble doesn’t stick to just the one formula as he throws enough twists and turns in there to keep you on your toes. He parlays the featured beat into a series of warp and electro symphonic to keep “Where We Go” fresh enough.

His SoundCloud is enormous and is well deserving of a rabbit hole. Just be ready, especially if you’re into producing or sampling, to keep going back to what he’s doing though.

SoundChips SoundChips.Co

The Artist

Listen to his latest producer album, "Gamble Royale"


Jus Gamble, is a music producer/audio engineer and creative artist who works with musicians and vocalists in order to generate the best sound possible. Raised in Central Massachusetts, Gamble has always shown a passion for music of all genres. From being self-taught to play guitar at the age of 9, to making beats on GarageBand as a teenager. After graduating from college with his Business degree, he decided to move to Boston, MA in his early 20’s to be closer to the city’s music scene. The combination of dedicating nearly a decade to his craft, along with the encouragement from clients, family and friends, has allowed him to focus his efforts towards the music, and away from the corporate world. In November 2016,The Boston-based producer released his debut album Gamble Royale. Being the sole producer and engineer for this project, the album is full of Gamble’s signature precision and a healthy dose of local collaborations mixed with a couple artists from New York, Philly & D.C. To this day he has worked with a couple of big artists such as Black Milk, Chris Rivers (Big Pun’s son), & Taylor Kelly. Has also competed in several competitions throughout the country, such as: iStandard, Master of the Machines, The Stew Beat Showcase (Season 3 Finale) and more. Grateful for all the opportunities placed before him, Jus Gamble makes sure to apply his knowledge to clients of all genres to deliver to the best product possible.