Boston based Music Producer – Jus Gamble

Growing up Justice was always interested in musical instruments. Having a mother who was a lover of Gospel and R&B, a father who passed along his interests in reggae through his St. Lucian roots through and an uncle who is a renowned jazz drummer internationally. So he started off self-teaching himself how to play the guitar around the age of 10.

Around 2008,  He truly began his career in high school as just a lyricist in Central Massachusetts with local rapper & long-time friend B-Shea in a group formed together called “A Darker Shade”. At this point in time he went by the stage name of J-Nice. From there, like most artist’s they needed original instrumentals to lay their verses over instead of just remixing hit tracks. It was at this point he began creating his first beats on programs such as “Mixcraft” and “Garageband”. Though crafting beats was not his top priority at this point, it was a tool used in order to simply advance himself as an artist.

It was late 2012 when Justice decided to take his productions to the next level by purchasing his first drum controller. Until now he had taken a break for about a year from writing and creating beats for the most part, and was eager to find new talent.

It was Mid-March 2013 when Justice found himself back at it with his high-school rap partner B-Shea, except this time around they decided to expanded their team. Together along with 2 new Massachusetts artists, Koma (Rapper) & Lito (Rapper/Producer), they formed the Hip Hop Group Mixed Breed, where Justice played a large roll as a producer in the group while still honing his rap skills on the microphone. Except this time around he decided to drop his old high-school stage name J-Nice, and thus Jus Gamble was born.

On April 20, 2013 the group dropped their first mixtape “Demolitia Vol. 1“. Gamble made his name known on this mixtape with the production of the club record, “Ain’t Sweatin It” featuring B-Shea & Koma with Jus Gamble on the hook. In the middle of 2013 Gamble moved to Dorchester, MA, to be closer to the music scene, the city and his group members. It wasn’t long after the release of the mixtape that Gamble decided to take a break from rapping and focus on his producer/engineering skills. A few months later, only two members of Mixed Breed remained… Jus Gamble & Koma who decided to drop the Mixed Breed name and move on as solo artists while still collaborating heavily with each-other. It was at this point, not having to focus on making music with his own group, he began working with any local artists he could to get his name out there.

In September 2014, a close audio engineering friend of his, Gabe Pichardo(G Pitch), introduced him to the Boston rapper Hoov. Gamble & Hoov quickly clicked and began working on tracks together. At the time Hoovey was a part of the 3-part organization “SelfMade Designs” consisting of Entertainment, Clothing & Art. And just after a few weeks Gamble decided to join the SelfMade team himself.

The SelfMade team was made up of the 3 rappers Hoovey, A1 & B1zzy Bam; Jus Gamble as the main Producer/Engineer; And the 3 designers/street artists Corn, Shizz & Croc. After releasing single after single, on February 17, 2015 SelfMade dropped their first project, “#SelfMade: The Demo“. The entire project was produced and engineered by Jus Gamble, and was the largest role he had played in the production of a project, start to finish, at the time.

But, unfortunately a couple weeks after the release of the demo, the group ran into a situation. Leading to the departure of Hoov & B1zzy Bam before the night of a big show at WestEnd Johnnies in downtown Boston. Though emotions were high from the disappointment of losing the two group members, the rest of SelfMade was not going to let this slow down the momentum they had built for themselves.

A month later, in April of 2015, SelfMade opened up their own headquarters in Quincy, MA, where they operate their own recording studio for SelfMade Entertainment; a store front for SelfMade Designs Clothing and Kicks; as well as a designated area for the designers to work on clothing and redesigning kicks in house, while being surrounded by inspirational graffiti done by street artists within SelfMade and all those that have come through the studio. Jus Gamble is the head engineer of the studio to this day, as the SelfMade team continues to grow and strive in order to reach their goals together.

To this day, Gamble has now produced music for artists all across New England as well as Atlanta, Philly, L.A., Toronto, North Caroloina and more. Artists such as Chris Rivers(Big Pun’s son), Class B of Powerhouse Movement, Mr. LoveBallad, A.O., Jack Trade, Dark Matter, Brandie Blaze, Jay Rivers, Mic P  & more. The ongoing dedication that Gamble shows in the studio towards his craft is only the start of where he ultimately sees his music taking him.

“In the path to perfection, settling for anything below greatness is adapting your mind to lower standards than we can afford as dreamers. Our journey is never finished”  – Jus Gamble

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