Article on Jus Gamble’s “Ready To Go” by SoundChips

On Monday, January 14, 2016, Soundchips.Co wrote their third great review on a Jus Gamble instrumental/track. This time on the record called, “Ready To Go” featuring Dave Wonderz & A1. Link to the full article below..

SoundChips.Co – Ready To Go – Review

The first thing that stands out on “Ready to Go” is without a doubt Jus Gamble’s signature movements that swirl and feel like a fuzzy dream world. What’s different from previous tracks we’ve covered though is his beats, as good as they are, only set the stage rather than serve as the main focus.

Dave Wonderz and A1 trade verses on “Ready to Go,” the type of track that hovers above pumping you up and sending you jolts every time the track spins back. The first verse is like watching backstage footage of an up-and-coming fighter getting motivated, knowing there are bigger goals in sight, and working to silence doubters.

Once the second verse hits, there’s an attitude of kuyashii where the focus lies in proving others wrong as much as it does in succeeding for the sake of succeeding. A smoothness that is reminiscent of mid-90s R&B infused rap flows through until the end, and you just ride it all out waiting for what’s next.


SoundChips.Co – Ready To Go – Instagram Review