Article on Jus Gamble’s “Want To Be” by SoundChips

On Monday, October 19, 2015, Soundchips.Co wrote it’s second great review on one of Jus Gamble’s recent beats, “Want To Be”. Link to the full article below..

SoundChips.Co – Want To Be – Review

About a month or so ago we covered Jus Gamble’s “Wherever We Go,” so I knew I had to run the producer down to see what newness he had delivered. As it turns out, there were four new pieces since the last time we were introduced to him. At first I thought I would go down the dark corridors of “Cake On the Sidewalk,” but then I heard the refreshing funk of “Throw It Up.” I thought I was set, but then his latest work, “Want To Be” fired up.

The track is mired in deepness – velvety in its texture, introspective in its shadowiness. Ghosts of old school underground music clubs watch over the track from a distance as smoke fills the slow burning nature of “Want To Be.” It has that classic reverberated slide guitar blues realm to it that’s matched with a subtle piano giving the track a higher spirit. Given the mellow environ of what Gamble has on display, the track is that first long sip at the end of the day, or it’s the alarm clock after a short night spent awake for too many reasons.

It seems like Gamble is producing at a steadier clip now. We’re hoping his current pace is a sign of things to come, especially given how each track seems to climb a little ahead of its predecessor – quite the statement I know, but he seems like he’s in the zone right now.


SoundChips.Co – Want To Be – Instagram Review