Sup Music Heads..Gamble back again with another rhythm this week for the Twentieth Edition of #GOTB, droppin’ off 2 instrumentals that I know you’ll be feelin’!

First off we got Out My Mind. This smooth track will make you want to sink yourself into your own life. Dive into deep thoughts that have been on your mind, instead of procrastinating and dealing with them later. This instrumental is meant to inspire, motivate and create change from the average. I made this beat to push you where you want to go, but only you can take it there..

Next we got Team Perfect. You tryna get hype?! You tryna turn up?!?! It’s Team Perfect! Simple and “dynastic”…and still… I don’t think your ready. If the intro ain’t enough to get you hype 4 the team, I dunno what will. It’s Team Perfect!

Link to the the 1st instrumental Team Perfect is below….

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