Gamble On Tuesday Beats! Week11

Gamble on Tuesday Beats is back again with its eleventh week straight! This week I’m coming back at you with the beats, bringing two new instrumentals into the collection.

The first instrumental of the two, Proof, puts on display a just a quality hip hop beat in my eyes. I really enjoy the use of the horns and the variety I was able to bring out of it, hopefully allowing rappers/writers to express themselves on a slightly slower yet emphatic beat.

Second one is called Icing On The Cake. By far the experiment of the two.. I began creating this beat while my boy was over and we were sippin’ heavy on some Bombay and Lemonade. Nonetheless, after mixing it the next day I must say I definitely enjoy the sound that came of it. Not your typical Jus Gamble beat at all here, but something I still think that you all will like to hear as a switch up from the norm.

Link to the first instrumental of the two, Proof is below….

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