#GOTB Week 12!

Gamble back again this week with another rhythm as always. Had a busy week last week filming and getting shots for the Mass Ave music video coming out, going to the beach, etc. But still coming at ya today with 2 new beats!

First beat is called Good To Me. It gives off that laid back vibe which I think will allow writers to express themselves in a more casual manner, while still allowing them to bring fast pace flows as well if capable. Hopefully this beat can bring you back to the good times, as I bring you that “Feel Good Music”.. Just another variation I’d like to show y’all that I’m adding to the collection here.

This second beat is called Makin’ It Happen(Baby). This one gets straight to the point from the moment you turn it on by giving off that rugged yet smooth feel to it with a hard knocking bass, quick hitting hi hats and an 80’s vocal. The instrumental gives you a platform to play along with the sample or flip it and use what’s given to your advantage. Drop a bomb on em’..

Link to the first instrumental of the two, Good To Me is below….

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