#GOTB Week 14!

Gamble back at you with another rhythm here for Gamble On Tuesday Beats Week 14..Dropped off 2 beats for you this Tuesday, both with completely different flavors that I know you’ll feel.

First one is called Presenting and this is a straight up Hip-Hop beat in it’s purest form. The first official release I am showing you that will definitely be on my upcoming beat tape Motivation By More: Part I. This one brings you a fly sampled hook presenting the beat of yours truly, followed by a smooth as boom bap rhythm to serve a platform for bars of all types. Lyricists stand up.

The next one is called Already Won, I’m def a fan of how this one came out.. Got a darkish, reggaeish, orientalish vibe to it, and when coexistin’ on this beat they really come together to make a great platform for rugged rappers of all sorts and more.

Link to the the instrumental Presenting is below….

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