#GOTB Week 16 Variety Pack!

Was happenin’ music heads, Gamble back with the action again this week. Droppin’ 3 new instrumentals all of different tastes and flavors that I know you’ll be feelin’. Let’s get straight to it!

The first beat of the 3 is called Down 4 My City. This one brings back that old school flavor, while still bringing that Gamble new school feel to it. This instrumental is for all the classic Hip Hop heads that are just looking for some smooth, soulful music to write or listen to.

The second beat is called All I Need. This instrumental brings out another side of music that is close to me. Though hip hop is my go to, As a pianist/keyboardist I’m still a lover of all music and especially the classical, maestro/orchestra types similar to this beat right here. With an R&B twist this is a track that could sound great with a beautiful female voice as well as a rugged male verse to accompany it, options are endless. Drift away in this instrumental as the sounds of the keyboard take you away.

The 3rd and final beat for this week is called I Get That. This beat’s got that bounce, trap feel to it that today’s music is so badly askin’ for.. If you’re looking for a beat to get ‘gudda” and show some swag on, there’s a good chance you found it.

Link to the the 1st instrumental Down 4 My City is below….

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