Livin’ Easy with #GOTB Week 21!

Sup Hip Hop heads, Gamble back again with another rhythm this week! I got a collaboration with one a my good friends, the Veteran Emcee, Tosh Point Flo.

This Tuesday we dropped off the track SummerTime. With the last great song of Summer 2014, this track brings so much life into your speakers that it’s guaranteed to get you coolin’ the way you’ve been needin’ all summer. Over a smooth Jus Gamble production Tosh completely puts his diverse, intelligent lyricism on display for everyone to hear with his witty punchlines, metaphors, crazy rhyme schemes and more that are sure to excite! In combination with this reggae/hip hop instrumental it’s time for you to join us where The Livin’ is Easyy.

Link to the the 1st instrumental SummerTime is below….

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