#GOTB Week10 Special!

Was Good Hip Hop! Gamble back again with another rhythm this week as always, except this time around I’m hitting you with TWO TRACKS. Instead of the usual beats that you hear from me, I’m posting two songs from artists that I have recently collaborated with in the studio in which both of these are produced by myself.

First track is called Harder Years featuring the “Power House Movement” (PHM) rapper Class BHarder Years is really a complete track filled with impressive flows & lyricism that brings out a lot of energy layed over this beat. In the end it creates a meaningful song that anyone can relate to. The name to the original instrumental of this song is called “Magic”, which you can find currently on my Soundcloud page.

The second track is called Learnin’ featuring my boy Koma The Kid. This track really puts on display the “rugged” bars mixed with a heavy delivery that he brings to the table whenever he’s on the track, with an instrumental that really compliments the attitude being delivered. The music video for this track is coming out THIS WEEK so get the preview of it it right here on Soundcloud! Koma The Kid is in the Massachusetts Hip Hop Group “Mixed Breed” along with myself(Jus Gamble) & Lito. The original beat to this track can also be found on my Soundcloud page called “Last Scripture”.

Link to the first track of the two, Harder Years is below….

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