“Last Shot” & “Set It Off”

Saturday Night, SelfMade Designs Entertainment dropped 2 new tracks both produced by Jus Gamble.

Last Shot” Featuring A1, Komatose & Tosh Point Flo

Set It Off” Featuring A1

Last Shot is a heavy track that gives off a gritty boom bap feel, while consisting of only original sounds by Jus Gamble. And the three rappers on the track truly display their dynamic lyricism to deliver this underground record. “Time keep tickin’ off the clock so I’m grindin’ like it’s my last shot”

While Set It Off, the solo track from A1 is an energetic track that really brings out the power of teamwork and togetherness, while bringing out creative flows that are sure to impress!

Check out both of these tracks on the SMD – SelfMade Designs Soundcloud Page!!