Music Services

selfmade studio

Create, Record & Mix with Jus Gamble at The SelfMade Designs’ Studios located in Quincy, MA (just outside of Boston)

Please email or for all quotes/inquiries

Custom Audio Tracks

From Beat Production to a finished Mixed & Mastered track, and anything in between.

  • Original Jus Gamble Beat
  • Studio Time for recording/tracking
  • Mixing Session
  • Mastering

Song Writing

Skilled in the area of writing hooks/choruses/bridges for any type of artist. (Singer, Rapper, Etc.)

Mixing & Mastering

Have your next big single recorded but really need it to “sound” like your next big single?! Mixing and Mastering quotes offered right here done by Justice Gamble. Skilled as a Mixing Engineer from working in a professional recording studio as well as in a home studio setting.

Sound Design

Creative production and engineering to bring you a final mix that you may be proud of.

Standard Sessions:

1-2 Hours / $35-$70

3 Hours / $90

4 Hours / $110

5 Hours / $130

6 Hours / $150

10 Hours / $240

Overnight Sessions:

Friday/Saturday Nights Only (Requires 48hour notice)

1AM – 5AM $90

HOURS DO NOT CARRY OVER; Please come prepared to use up all of the time you have paid for, as you will not be allowed to carry over any remaining time into another day’s session.

Monday-Friday (Anytime after 6pm)

Saturday & Sunday (All Day)