Boston Society of Architects

Thank you so much again for being here last night and for providing the perfect soundtrack to our summer party. Everyone I talked to loved the music—it was just right! I hope it was fun for you and that your photographer got some good action shots. Hope to have you play at future events…!


Jus Gamble, is a very musically talented music producer and creative artist from Boston Massachusetts who is striving to be one of the legendary great producers such as DJ Premier, J-Dilla and Dr. Dre. He always showed a love and passion for music, first starting out playing musical instruments when he was a young kid […]

Soundchips – Interview

Jus Gamble is the type of artist who you can tell has that certain “it” to him. His energy to create is infectious. His attention to detail is something that would benefit a lot of young artists in the industry. And his appreciation for working with local talent is deeply admirable. The Boston-based producer recently […]

Resistance Ink

Music Producer Jus Gamble (Justice Gamble) resides in Boston, MA, and mainly directs his musical talents on the Hip Hop/Rap and R&B genres. He is currently working with a plethora of Boston/Massachusetts Artists, as well as a select few scattered throughout the country. Having a heavy background in Old School Hip Hop and Jazz, Gamble’s Hip […]


The first thing that stands out on “Ready to Go” is without a doubt Jus Gamble’s signature movements that swirl and feel like a fuzzy dream world. What’s different from previous tracks we’ve covered though is his beats, as good as they are, only set the stage rather than serve as the main focus. Dave […]


About a month or so ago we covered Jus Gamble’s “Wherever We Go,” so I knew I had to run the producer down to see what newness he had delivered. As it turns out, there were four new pieces since the last time we were introduced to him. At first I thought I would go […]